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Discovery Insure Vitality Drive benefit

Discovery insure

Great news! The Gautrain has joined forces with Discovery Insure as a rewards partner. Commuters who are Discovery Insure members can receive up to 50% back on their monthly Gautrain spend. 

If you use the Gautrain regularly, and are a Discovery Insure member, you can now reap the rewards. The Discovery Insure/Gautrain benefit is specifically designed for regular Gautrain users who spend limited amounts of money on fuel every month but spend a considerable amount on using the Gautrain.

All you need to do to activate the benefit is join Discovery Insure’s Vitality Drive driving programme, and link your Gautrain Swift card online at Then it’s as simple as continuing to use the Gautrain as usual. 

The more you use the Gautrain, the more cash-back rewards (based on the amount you spend on train fare) you will accrue. At the end of each month, your rewards will be paid into the bank account from which you pay your Discovery Insure premiums.

Just another way to save with the Gautrain while saving on fuel costs and commuting time!

South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind partnership

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The Gautrain is proud to be a long-standing partner of the South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind (SAGDA), to help raise awareness of the excellent work SAGDA does in training guide dogs, service dogs and autism support dogs, and dogs to enhance people’s orientation and mobility.

SAGDA provides services to people with special visual, physical or developmental needs to improve and enrich their lives and provide them with independence, freedom of mobility and companionship.

The Gautrain offers support for the non-profit’s activities by enabling handlers to train their guide dogs on how to use the Gautrain system; this is achieved by providing them with Gautrain Swift cards and obtaining the necessary permits for the on-site training. The Gautrain also helps to raise awareness of the sterling work SAGDA does on its various digital marketing channels.

In pursuit of helping to make the Gautrain a universally accessible public transport service, we are honoured to be assisting SAGDA in its mission to enhance the lives of visually and physically impaired people and children with autism.

Varsity Vibe student card partnership


The Gautrain has entered into an exciting partnership with digital marketing creative agency Varsity Vibe for our #RideWithTheG student product. This student promotion entitles qualifying students to claim a 25% discount on train trips between two Gautrain stations of their choice.

To this end, the Gautrain has partnered with Varsity Vibe, which offers great student discounts, for the student verification process that will entitle them to receive their Gautrain student cards. Varsity Vibe is also assisting with station activations to promote the student product.

In order to take advantage of this #RideWithTheG student discount, registered full-time students at accredited institutions of higher learning, who are under the age of 25, need to register and create an account on the Varsity Vibe app, and then register for the student card on the MyGautrain website.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Varsity Vibe to help Mzansi’s students get their future on track thanks to great discounted Gautrain fares!